Protect yourself from Gum Disease

Studies show that up to 80% of adults have some form of “perio” disease which can cause health problems including risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

You may be asking.. What is periodontal disease? Well it is a type of gum disease that can be detected at at dental exam; however if not treated, the bones, gums, and tissue that support the teeth are destroyed. The teeth may eventually become loose and have to be removed.

We would love to help you make sure that your gums and teeth stay healthy and prevent disease.

By keeping your mouth healthy you can be more aware and maybe even help avoid late detection of another disease that could be happening in other areas of your body.

Loss of teeth linked to faster decreases in memory, walking ability

Healthday (12/20) reported research in the Journal of American Geriatrics suggests “that older adults who have lost all their teeth have faster decreases in memory and walking ability” than “individuals who still have some of their teeth.” Investigators found that individuals who had lost all their teeth did about 10% worse on tests of memory and walking speed.

Skipping regular dental appointments may be costly

the “Atlanta Journal Constitution” reported on 12/17 on “5 ways procrastination costs you money.” the article reported that avoiding regular dental appointments can lead to more costly treatment.

An example was given where a need for a simple filling went unheeded and turned into a more costly root canal and crown.

Come in and let us help you save yourself some financial and physical discomfort.

Being preventative means the potential for catching something before it ever becomes an issue. Save yourself the costly and potentially painful aftermath by keeping it from happening!

A dental exam can save your life

Did you know that a dental exam may be able to identify pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, cancer and acid re-flux disease?

Come see us and be preventative about your health! Would it be worth a simple dental examination to keep your teeth and gums clean; and potentially keep you ahead of anything else that might come your way?

-We would love to help you keep your health!

58% of people are more likely to be hired after tooth whitening

Kelton Research found that 58 % of the study participants were more likely to be hired and 53% received a larger salary after their teeth had been whitened

Looking for a better job? Have a tooth whitening before the interview!

What do your teeth say about you professionally? Whiten before your interview to look your most professional. Tooth whitening shows your commitment and we would be happy to help!